How to create an eye-catching and effective holiday season promotion poster


Creating an eye-catching and effective holiday season promotion poster for your small business can help attract customers and boost sales. Here's a step-by-step guide to creating a compelling in-store poster:

What are you promoting?

Determine what sets your holiday promotion apart from the competition. What makes your offer special? Highlight this in your advert.

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Choose a poster size and format

Determine the size and format of your poster. Standard sizes are A3, A2, A1, A0.

Select a design concept

Create a design concept that aligns with the holiday theme and your brand. Consider using holiday colours and festive imagery but be sure to have a clear focal point that highlights your promotion. Maintaining consistency with your brand identity reinforces brand recognition.

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Use high-quality images

Include high-resolution images or graphics that are relevant to your promotion. Ensure they are clear and visually appealing. You can use stock photos or hire a photographer for custom images.

Design layout and hierarchy

Organise the poster's layout with a clear hierarchy. Place the most important information, such as the promotion details and call to action, prominently. Use fonts and font sizes that are easy to read.

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Create a catchy headline

Craft a headline that grabs attention and communicates the essence of your promotion. Use holiday-themed language and power words to entice viewers. The following headlines are suggestions courtesy of ChatGPT!

"Jingle All the Way to Our Holiday Wonderland!"

"Get Your Holiday Cheer On at [Shop Name]"

"Wrap Up the Perfect Holiday at [Shop Name]"

"Sleigh Bells Ring, Are You Listening? It's Holiday Shopping Time!"

"Frosty Savings Await You at [Shop Name]"

"Merry and Bright: Your One-Stop Holiday Shop!"

"Shop 'Til You Drop Holiday Extravaganza at [Shop Name]"

"Sparkle and Shine with Our Festive Finds!"

"Make Spirits Bright with Our Holiday Essentials"

"Gifts Galore: Unwrap Joy at [Shop Name]"

"Sleigh the Holiday Shopping Game at [Shop Name]"

"Tis the Season to Shop and Be Merry"

"Find Your Holiday Happiness Here!"

"Discover the Magic of the Holidays at [Shop Name]"

"Ho-Ho-Hot Deals and Cool Gifts Await You!"

"Get in the Holiday Spirit with [Shop Name]"

"Don't Miss Out on the Best Deals of the Season!"

"Shop Small, Shop Local, and Share the Love this Holiday Season"

"Deck the Halls with [Shop Name]'s Festive Finds!"

"From Our Store to Your Home: Holiday Delights Await!"

Feel free to adapt these headlines to fit the specific theme and offerings of your holiday promotion.


Highlight important information

  • Discount percentage or savings.
  • Special offer terms (e.g., "Limited Time Only," "Buy One Get One," "Free Shipping").
  • How to redeem the promotion (online, in-store, or using a promo code).
  • Any restrictions or conditions (e.g., minimum purchase requirement).

Add a strong Call to Action (CTA)

Include a clear and actionable CTA that tells viewers what you want them to do next, such as "Shop Now," "Visit Us Today," or "Claim Your Discount." Encourage immediate action by including phrases like "Hurry, Offer Ends Soon" or "Limited Availability." This instils a sense of urgency.

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Include contact information

Provide contact information, such as your store address, phone number, website URL, QR code, and social media handles, so customers can easily reach out or find you.

Proofread and get feedback

Double-check the poster for any grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, or design inconsistencies. Ensure all information is accurate. Seek feedback from colleagues, friends, or trusted customers. They can offer valuable insights and suggestions for improvement.

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What's your go-to strategy for attracting customers during the festive season? Share your festive marketing tips with us! 🎄

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