Let's celebrate the Business Ignite 2023 champions

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Nedbank Business Ignite, in partnership with Primedia Broadcasting recently announced the 2023 competition winners!

Centred around the theme of boosting small businesses in doing big things during tough economic times, the winners were revealed on-air on 702 and CapeTalk. This year's competition was fierce, with many exceptional entrepreneurs vying for the top spots. However, the winners stood out for their dedication, innovation, and resilience.

The initiative, which is now in its 11th year, is a programme aimed at supporting and empowering small businesses on their respective journeys towards success. Through intentional initiatives and resources, the aim is to provide valuable support to entrepreneurs, assisting them to navigate and thrive during challenging economic times.

The 6 winners of the 2023 programme are receiving a comprehensive package of support worth R140 000 each, consisting of a R30,000 cash injection, business coaching, and advertising airtime on 702 and CapeTalk worth R100,000. These prizes will be providing the winners with the necessary resources and guidance to grow and prosper in the current challenging economic climate.

Click on the images below to view the videos and stories of this year’s winners.

CT-Sha'p-Left-Healthcare-Services-WINNER-Announcement-IGPost.jpg 702-Mighty-House-of-Soap-WINNER-Announcement-IGPost.jpg
CT-Vivacious-Eco-Vixon-WINNER-Announcement-IGPost.jpg 702-Price-Holding-Group-WINNER-Announcement-IGPost.jpg
CT-TVDM-Consultants-WINNER-Announcement-IGPost.jpg 702-Precious-and-Pearl-WINNER-Announcement-IGPost.jpg
These business owners have exemplified the spirit of entrepreneurship and have shown that with determination and passion, anything is possible, and as a purpose-driven bank that uses its financial expertise to do good we are proud to support their journey.
SimplyBiz congratulates all the winners and looks forward to witnessing their continued success in the future.
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