6 good reasons to vote small business at your local market

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Local makers markets, often held in regional areas offer a unique and vibrant shopping experience that goes beyond the traditional retail setting. These events bring together artisans, craftspeople, and entrepreneurs to showcase their handmade creations, from art and jewellery to homemade foods and one-of-a-kind goods. Here are some of the reasons why we as business owners need to support these community markets:



Test an idea

It's a great testing opportunity for new products and innovations for your business, without incurring burdensome overheads.


Unique, one-of-a-kind items

When you visit a local makers' market, customers find unique, handcrafted products not usually available in mainstream stores. You may find interesting suppliers or opportunities to collaborate.


Economic boost

Your money stays within the community, benefiting local businesses and artisans. This helps stimulate economic growth and job creation at the grassroots level. This is small businesses supporting other small businesses – together we thrive!


Sense of community

Local makers' markets are not just about buying and selling, these events are often held in public spaces with music and other entertainment, encouraging people to come together, socialise, and interact with local artisans. This is a perfect opportunity to keep your finger on the pulse of what is happening in your community.



Many local artisans prioritise sustainability and eco-friendliness in their products. By supporting them, you're making an environmentally conscious choice.


It’s personal

You can often meet the creators in person. This personal connection adds a layer of authenticity to your purchase. You can learn about the inspiration behind the items and even commission custom-made pieces tailored to your customer’s preferences.


So, next time a local makers market is held in your area, make sure to pay a visit and experience the many benefits it has to offer you and your business.


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