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Starting a business and need to navigate legal and regulatory compliance? Trying to make sense of your contractual rights and obligations? Have a great idea or product, but need to protect it?

Templates included: 

  1. Sample lease agreement.doc
  2. Lease agreement - information required from a lessee.doc
  3. Issues to address with a prospective landlord.doc
  4. Property brief for property agents.doc
  5. Site selection criteria checklist.doc
  6. Trademark infringement - discontinue use letter.doc
  7. P4 Application or request to Registrar.pdf
  8. P6 Provisional specification.pdf
  9. P3 Declaration and power of attorney.pdf
  10. P2 Register of patents.pdf
  11. P1 Application patent and acknowledgement receipt.pdf
  12. TM1 Application for the registration of a trademark.pdf
  13. Checklists for registering a trademark or patent.doc
  14. WAs2 COIDA Registration of employer.pdf
  15. VAT101 Application for registration for VAT.pdf
  16. EMP101 Registration for PAYE, SDL and UIF.pdf
  17. IT77 Registration as a taxpayer (individual).pdf
  18. IT77C Registration as a taxpayer (company).pdf
  19. Shareholders agreement.doc
  20. CoR 15.1E MoI long non-profit with members.pdf
  21. CoR 15.1D MoI long non-profit without members.pdf
  22. CoR 15.1C MoI short non-profit without members.pdf
  23. CoR 15.1B MoI long private companies.pdf
  24. CoR 15.1A MoI short private companies.pdf
  25. CoR 14.1 Annexure D Notice of company appointments.pdf
  26. CoR 14.1 Annexure C Notice of ring fencing provisions.pdf
  27. CoR 14.1 Annexure B Alternative names for the company.pdf
  28. CoR 14.1 Annexure A Initial directors of the company.pdf
  29. CoR 14.1 Notice of incorporation.pdf
  30. CoR 9.1 Application to reserve a name.pdf
  31. Partnership agreement example.doc
  32. Partnership agreement checklist.doc
  33. Business set-up costs.xls
  34. Income and expense budget.xls
  35. Cash flow projection.xls
  36. Business plan layout checklist.doc
  37. Template for a business plan.doc
  38. Business pre-opening checklist.doc

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