Small businesses doing big things


27 June is Micro Small and Medium Enterprise (MSME) Day. It is intended to honour the small businesses that are making a big impact in our nation. These enterprises, often referred to as the backbone of our economy, play a vital role in driving innovation, creating employment opportunities and fostering economic growth. Three things South Africa seriously needs right now!

We are a nation known for its entrepreneurial spirit and we are home to a diverse range of MSMEs that operate in various sectors, from agriculture to manufacturing, services, and technology. These small businesses not only fuel economic development but also empower local communities by promoting self-employment and job creation. Ama hustle is what we do naturally.

One of the key strengths of South African MSMEs lies in our ability to adapt to changing market dynamics and embrace innovation. Despite facing numerous challenges, such as limited access to finance, red tape, and the enormous elephant in the room – no power. I happened to walk past a coffee shop last week. The owner had passers-by laughing at her ongoing colourful commentary on our electricity supply… Her restaurant was in darkness, but undeterred, she had a camping stove on the pavement and she was doing a roaring trade in pannekoek. There’s a common expression that South Africa is not for sissies, I think this applies doubly to local business owners.

On this Micro Small and Medium Enterprise Day, let us celebrate the achievements of our small businesses and recognise the immense value they bring to our society. As consumers, let’s get behind them, shop from them, recommend them and spread a little local cheer.

Vote small business with your heart and wallet!

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