SimplyBiz 30-day Wellness Challenge


Health is wealth!

We believe that health, wealth, and happiness are intertwined, so we’re challenging you to become a little healthier and happier.

Sign up for the SimplyBiz 30-day Wellness Challenge today!

  • Improve employee health and productivity.
  • Control health-related costs.
  • Encourage a culture of wellness and positivity.
  • Boost creativity and mental fitness.
  • Build morale, collaboration, and cooperation.
  • Have a little fun! Dare to be happy!

How does it work?

You and your team must choose at least one challenge. The challenge(s) must be something that will improve your physical, emotional or mental well-being as a team, and you must commit to doing it every weekday for 30 days (from 29 May to 27 June).   

  • Name your team and complete the entry form.
  • Send us pics and videos of your team performing the challenge(s).
  • Stand a chance to win one of 15 great SimplyBiz wellness hampers packed with wellness-related goodies to the value of R5 000!*

Competition closes 27 June 2023.  * Terms and conditions apply.


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Get ready to take your team's well-being to the next level!

We have a list of amazing wellness challenges that will have your team feeling great in no time. Download our free calendar for ideas or, if you're feeling creative, challenge your team to come up with their own!

Read more here

A healthy team boosts morale and results in increased productivity and business performance. The opposite is also true, and is often reflected in increased absenteeism due to illness and mental-health problems like burnout and stress.**

** According to Occupational Care South Africa, absenteeism costs the South African economy around R12 billion to R16 billion per year.

Frequently asked questions

How do I enter?

Entries close on 27 June 2023.

  • Log in to SimplyBiz or register here.
  • Choose a 30-day team challenge (29 May to 27 June 2023).
  • Complete the entry form here.
  • We will email you a link to upload all your awesome pics and videos! It may take up to 15 minutes as it needs to be validated on the journey to your mailbox. A good time to practice your breathing exercises! 😉
  • Submit a daily or weekly photo or video of your team doing the things you have chosen to do for the challenge. 
  • Accept the terms and conditions. 

What can I win?

Stand a chance to win one of 15 hampers valued at R5 000 each, packed with wellness-related goodies procured from existing SimplyBiz members. Submit a daily or weekly photo or video of your team doing the things you have chosen to do for the wellness challenge to stand a chance to go into upcoming draws.

Each hamper contains the following:

  • 10 x sports and deep tissue oils (30 ml) from African Secret
  • 10 x cooler bags from AVG Marketing Solutions
  • 10 x water bottles from Yes! Definitely
  • 10 x soaps from Namhla Collection
  • 10 x buffs from BandanaSA
  • 10 x energy balls from Baaa Health
  • 20 x mouthwash sachets from Freshmo

How does the challenge work?

This wellness challenge is aimed at small-business owners wishing to build healthier, happier teams.

  • You and your team (maximum of 10 team members) must select at least one challenge. The challenge(s) must be something that will improve your physical, emotional or mental well-being as a team, and you must commit to doing it Mondays to Fridays for 30 days (29 May to 27 June).
  • Give your team a name.
  • Complete the entry form and tell us your challenge(s).
  • Send us photos or videos of your team performing the challenge(s), together with your entry form.
  • Follow us on SimplyBiz for tips, tricks and motivation.

Have fun! Dare to be healthier and happier!

What are the entry criteria?

  • You must be a registered SimplyBiz member.
  • Your team members must be at least 18 years old, with a valid South African identity document or card.
  • You must be a business owner or partner working full-time in your business.
  • You must be committed to achieving the challenge(s) that your team has chosen for the 30 days between  29 May and 27 June 2023.


  • In line with the terms and conditions, it is important that you, as the business owner, advise your team members that Nedbank will not be liable for any claims that may arise from any team member as a result of or in connection with their participation in the challenge.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that you obtain your own internal indemnities from the respective participants.

What are the minimum fitness requirements to compete in the challenge?

There are no minimum fitness levels required, but we do urge you to consider the physical health of each team member when you choose your challenge(s). For example, not everyone is willing or capable of running 5 km a day! Participation in the chosen challenge(s) should be voluntary, inclusive, and achievable.

Click here for a list of challenges or ask your team to come up with their own.

Can I enter more than one team?

Yes, you may enter multiple teams. We encourage a little healthy competition! However, only one team from the same business may win one of the hampers.

What happens if we don’t complete the challenge?

The intention of this competition is to encourage small businesses to take health and wellness seriously. If you do not complete the challenge or avail yourself to receive the prize, you may forfeit it.

Will my business receive publicity if we win?

Yes. You and your business will be featured on SimplyBiz social-media platforms to encourage the public to support your business.

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