Workplace wellness challenges


Looking for ways to promote a healthy and productive workplace? Look no further! We’ve put together a variety of challenges designed to improve physical and mental health, foster team building, and promote positive habits. These challenges are a fun and effective way to keep your team feeling their best.

From eating more veggies to taking power naps, there's something for everyone. Remember to choose a challenge that considers every team member’s physical ability and keep it light-hearted!

Pick any challenge and start your wellness journey today!

Eat veggies

Get your ‘five a day’! Each team member is responsible for bringing lunch boxes laden with vegetables. Hold each other accountable. And no, tomato sauce is not a vegetable!

Go H20

Commit to drinking your eight glasses of water a day and be conscious about the environment – use glasses or refillable glass bottles, not plastic bottles.

Daily 30

Commit to 30 minutes of exercise every weekday and track your progress. Just taking a walk or doing a yoga session is also fine - we’re not all gym bunnies!

Take the stairs

Step it up by taking the stairs and not the lifts.

Get fruity

Replace the sweets, chocolates and chips with fruit.

Take 10

Take 10 minutes every day to meditate before starting your work day. There are many free apps available for beginners.

Press pause

Use official breaks in the day to switch off all electronics. Sit quietly and enjoy your morning cuppa (herbal, of course, 😊) and be mindful of the moment.

Breathe deeply

As a team, practice breathing deeply and consciously, using your abdomen. There are many free apps available to guide you. Try to increase the time by a few seconds every day.

Get out

Go outside and walk, jog, jump, skip, dance, hop - whatever you can manage. But do it every day as a team.

A dance-off

Think you’ve got the moves? Have your own office dance-off!

Chair yoga

Go to YouTube for tips on how to do chair yoga, play some music and get moving without even leaving your desk!

Team up

Play soccer, volleyball or frisbee as a team. Any team sport will do!

Say no to sugar

Cut the sugary treats and rather choose fruit or nuts as a snack option.

Clean up

Use the 30 days to clean up your workspace, organise the store room and filing cabinets, rearrange the furniture or paint the walls. A clean, organised and welcoming work environment is good for the mind and soul, and you get a workout while doing it!

Say thanks

Practice gratitude verbally and keep a gratitude diary.

Cut fast foods

Improve your overall health by avoiding fast foods.

Get dirty

Commit to community clean-ups and gardening duties, or start a veggie garden at a local school.

Walk it

Have ‘walking’ meetings while you physically walk on a treadmill or outside in the garden. It will keep the meetings brief and you can get your steps in!

Cut it

If you usually have six cups of coffee a day, cut it down to four. If you smoke 20 cigarettes a day, cut it down to 15. If you take three sugars in your cuppa, cut it down to two.

Healthy team lunches

Take turns to prepare and bring healthy and balanced lunches.

Go meatless

Ditch the meat for a day. It’s good for you, your pocket, and the planet! And yes, chicken is meat.

New-hobby day

Take on a new hobby and share it with your team to promote creativity and reduce stress.

Give a compliment

Boost morale by giving a genuine compliment to a colleague each day.

Do your budget

Improve financial wellness by creating and sticking to a budget plan.

Take a power nap

Encourage your team to take a 20-minute power nap during the workday to boost productivity and reduce stress.

Get social

Prioritise regular social interactions with family and friends to strengthen connections and improve mental and emotional well-being.

Say yes

Challenge yourself to say yes to new opportunities and experiences.

Say no to fizzy drinks

Opt for water or herbal tea instead.


Encourage your team to take short breaks throughout the day to do some quick exercises at their desks, like stretching, squats or even a few simple jumping jacks.

Celebrate achievements

Celebrate your team's accomplishments and milestones to promote a positive work culture.

Remember this

  • Don’t penalise people for not participating.
  • Don’t create a programme that’s too challenging.
  • Don’t compromise health privacy.

Share your secret tips in the comments below, and let's inspire each other to keep our teams feeling their best! 🤩

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