Rick Ed Gives Short Answers To All Your Small Business Questions

Many small business owners don't know whether they must or should register for VAT. This presentation explains with simple examples, how VAT works and why, in some cases, it is to the business' advantage to register as a VAT vendor.
When small businesses have to give a Special Offer to attract customers, they face the dilemma: Which is better, should I give a discount or extra value? This presentation tackles that challenge by answering it using two realistic business examples.
You are making sales. According to your bookkeeper, your business is making a profit. You're even paying tax on that profit. So where is the money, then ... where's the cash?
What is a pivot and why do businesses pivot? This short video explains why and how you can make a radical change to your business to take advantage of new opportunities or to avoid a potential disaster.
We know that big companies earn scorecard points by using B-BBEE, but how can SMMEs benefit from it? This short presentation explains how intended beneficiaries of B-BBEE, small and micro, black-owned businesses can harness it to grow their businesses.
Small business owners frequently have to do 'everything' themselves. That means that some important tasks don't get the attention that they deserve. And the business is not as effective as it could be. This short presentation provides some practical advice on how to 'get stuff done' - productively.
Knowing how much to charge for your products is a common dilemma. There is the frequent danger of charging too little, which may result in the business making a loss. This presentation provides a simple, practical method to ensure that you won't be 'out of 'pocket'.
Many people look in the wrong places for finance to get their business off the ground But financing a startup business is surprisingly simple. We reveal the open secret here.
What can I do to help my business to make more sales? This short video explains the methods used in the sales business to help you to be more successful in selling your product or services.
It's one thing to come up with an awesome product or service that everyone 'absolutely needs'. It's quite another persuading people to buy it from you. This presentation addresses this thorny topic.
Tax can eat up as much as a quarter of your business profits. This short presentation explains several ways that you can legally pay a lot less tax.
Many, many "South African businesses are not registered and have been operating successfully, and legally, for years." This short presentation helps you decide what is best for your business: To Register or Not to Register.
Money movement in your business is like blood circulation in your body: if it stops flowing, you die. This short clip shows you how it works to keep your business alive and thriving - and what you need to do to keep it that way.
How will you grow your business if you don't know whether or not it is profitable. This short clip helps prevent you from falling into the trap of thinking that a Sale = Profit = Cash to spend.
Charge too much and you might not get the sale. Charge too little and you could make a loss and eventually have to close your business. You don't have to guess. This short presentation helps you to work out how much you should charge for your services (not for products).
How will you grow your business if you don't know whether or not it is profitable. This short clip helps prevent you falling into the trap of thinking that a Sale = Profit = Cash to spend.
A small business finance expert unlocks the secrets to getting that funding. Use these 7 basic points to make sure that your business is finance-ready.
Business owners need to plan for the future. This simple document can help you figure out how much money your business will have in the months that come. Using it, you can plan to buy expensive items that you will need to expand your company.
A short visual explanation that demonstrates how the Business Model Canvas can be used to show how your business works to make money, and how using it can improve your small business.


Rick Ed helps entrepreneurs and small business owners to be more successful and achieve their business potential.





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