Calling creative storytellers!


Welcome to the funtastic world of digital storytelling! Creating attractive and compelling digital content is so much more than presenting a pretty picture with text. It is “The art of thrilling your audience through a screen.” Natalia De la Peña Frade

Digital storytelling combines different formats, such as text, images, interactive elements, video and audio, to tell a narrative that captures and retains the audience’s interest.

Many small businesses – that may be your potential customers – struggle to tell their stories. They need your help to get noticed in the Google soup… and we’re here to help you help them.

What is it?

The SimplyBiz Art of Storytelling Hub is a first-of-its-kind sponsored internship programme for creative business owners (or their employees) and freelancers to create a step change in your business. This is a practical, learn-and-apply in your business, approach to upskilling. In addition, you will receive masterclasses from external industry experts and have the opportunity to shadow on live productions.

  • Improve your skillset to offer outstanding value-add to your customers
  • Boost your financial knowledge and business skills
  • Become a compelling digital storyteller
  • Professionalise your photography and video skills
  • Create wow social media content for your customers
  • Gain exposure to some of Africa’s top filmmakers and directors
  • Add this valuable certificate to your profile

The SimplyBiz Art of Storytelling Hub is looking for you! Submit your application below.


This exclusive programme is presented physically in Dunkeld, Johannesburg. Your attendance is required in person, 8.30 – 16.30, 1 week a month for 8 months, from May 2023. Equipment and software will be provided.

You will receive monthly assignments and there will be an opportunity to shadow industry experts. You will be expected to put your learning into practice in your business to entrench your skills and to improve your offering to your clients.


How do I apply?

1 You must have a basic:

  • ability to create different types of social media content
  • knowledge of and skills in graphic design
  • experience in creating different types of video content, including recording and editing on-the-go

2 Submit a video (maximum 60 seconds) or social media post in which you tell us a compelling story about your business – why you started it, what you do and how you do it, and why we should buy your services. It’s perfectly acceptable to use a mobile phone for this, we want to see your creativity.

3 Include your video/social post and examples of your work.

4 Complete the application form below.

If the competition entry form does not open click here to open in a new window.

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