Introducing our 2023 investment series

1749782A-63AA-15D4-9D78-C9BC933197DF-17497A1E-63AA-15D4-9D78-C9BC933197DF-PC_banner.pngIt’s time to hit the reset button and kick off a new year.

We know that thinking about your investment goals can be daunting, so we’d like to take you through the steps and resources available to help you become more confident in your investment decisions.

What to expect from our 2023 investment series:

Throughout the course of the year, we will be unpacking different investment topics to help you.

•   Optimise for tax
•   Borrow responsibly
•   Manage your short-term needs
•   Save for retirement
•   Invest surplus funds
•   Leave a legacy

Want to learn more about investing? Visit our investments page, download 'The Essential Guide to Money Management', follow us on LinkedIn and keep an eye on your inbox.

The Essential Guide to Money Management

Our money management guide covers six chapters of financial decision-making and can be used wherever you are along your investment journey.

Investing with Nedbank is easy

We offer a full range of savings and investment products, which can be opened in a few clicks via Online Banking or the Money app.

Everyday investments
Choose short-, medium- or long-term investment periods from our wide range of products.
Unit trusts
Choose a diversified investment product with flexible access to your money.
Tax-free investments
Choose from our range of tax-free investments.
Retirement annuities
Invest in a diversifed, long-term savings plan for your retirement.


Simply log in, go to the investment section, select Open an investment account and choose between a wide range of options.

Other knowledge-sharing sessions in the Nedbank 2023 Investment series

Part 2: Tax-free investments with Nedbank: Put your future in your hands

Part 3: Finance that lets you dream big

Part 4: Considering debt as part of your financial growth strategy

Part 5: Managing your short-term needs

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