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Process automation helps teams execute recurring processes within a standard or customised workflow. Business owners who want to make two different apps work together might find that an automation service is for them. Quickly and easily automate your favourite apps and devices.


If This, Then That

This cloud service lets users connect two apps through the if-this-then-that (IFTTT) process, providing them with a single interface that completes a task so long as preset conditions are met on the target platform. It’s a simple, free and flexible automation system that integrates hundreds of apps and services to create automated processes for things to get them ‘talking’ to one another.

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Cool features

  • Great integrations.
  • Mobile support.


Imagine all the apps you use for work talking to each other. Zapier connects 5,000+ apps, so the conversation flows—automatically. A single Zap can have up to 100 actions, so you can have Zapier do even more of your work for you.

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Cool features

  • A Zap can perform different actions based on if/then logic with paths.
  • With filters, your Zap will only run when a specific condition is met. You can also schedule your Zap to run when you want or delay the action step.
  • Add a formatting step to a Zap, and your data is transformed into the format you need.

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