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If anyone must watch the bottom line, it's a small business. There comes a time when operational demands outstrip the basic Excel spreadsheets or paper-based methods. How to balance cost-saving with the need to invest in operational or administrative technology to improve efficiency? The good news is that going paperless saves money and time.

This is the decade of digital transformation for organisations all over the world. Paper processes are expensive, inefficient and insecure.

SimplyBiz has compiled this tech stack of free or affordable software tools to help your business operate better. Most software packages have free starter options and different plans for different levels of use, allowing your business to grow with the technology.

Today’s apps operate in real-time, providing business owners with up-to-date, reliable and secure information whenever needed. Switching to digital forms and data collection, as well as collaborative software, can lead to greater productivity, improved employee retention and business growth through improved strategic decision-making.

Click on the links below to find tools to add to your small business tech stack

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